Zeus Communications South

Zeus Communications

90% of our clients save 30% or more on their voice and data services.
Tell us what you love and what frustrates you about your communications! We care.

Our business model relies upon:

  • World-Class Hardware and Carrier Diagnostics
  • Master contracts with over 60 carriers and an array of equipment manufacturers
  • Disaster Recovery Planning if Needed
  • Cost Reductions of 10-70%
  • Equipment and Carrier Procurement Second to None
  • Efficient Implementation
  • Long-Term Customer Service
  • Average Client Relationship of 12 Years
  • International and multi-locational capacity

We offer voice, data, and VOIP consulting services with quarterly reviews of your account to maintain its cost effectiveness.  With over 25 years experience in telecommunications management with both national accounts and Mom and Pop businesses, and customers in 40 states and Canada, we bring our experience to you with no initial outlay. We are paid when you implement our recommendations to reduce your costs. If you will share what you like and dislike about your business communications and IT functions, along with a copy of your phone and data statements, we will provide a complimentary analysis (in English, not telecom language!), and make recommendations of services that will be more effective and less costly.  90% of the time we save our clients 30% or more on their communications and data packages. You have no risk, and we serve as a highly-qualified second opinion of your current commitments.

Telephone equipment is available at very favorable pricing without over-engineering.

Take advantage of the opportunity to work with us to gain optimal control over the cost and effectiveness of your telecommunications. Send us your bill and we will go to work for you.